Can I Face Domestic Violence Charges if I Didn’t Physically Attack My Accuser?

When people think of domestic violence, they usually think of it as physical assault and expect to see visible injuries on the victim. Most people fail to realize that domestic abuse goes beyond the physical, which is only one type of abuse. If you’re facing domestic charges, it could be because you abused the victim in more ways than physical.

Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyers explain several categories of domestic violence. Each has devastating consequences, which can worsen if physical abuse occurs. Defending yourself against domestic violence charges can be complex, but skilled lawyers can help you beat the charges.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse entails the destruction of the victim’s self-worth and is characterized by persistent:

  • Name-calling
  • Humiliation
  • Insults
  • Criticism

Emotional abuse is common among people who are dating, and it can be difficult for most people to understand as a type of domestic violence. Many see it as an expected behavior in unhealthy relationships, but Colorado Springs domestic violence lawyers say it’s a type of domestic violence that could land you in court as an offender.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse entails using sex exploitatively or forcing yourself on another person. Past sexual consent doesn’t indicate current consent, and sexual abuse could take the following forms:

  • Making contact with the victim in non-consensual ways, including unwanted penetration and touching on any part of the victim’s body
  • Exploiting victims who are unable to make informed choices about getting sexually involved with you
  • Using force, manipulation, guilt, or intimidation to have sexual relations with the victim without consideration for their desire to have sex or lack of it

The penalties for sexual abuse can be severe depending on the type, degree of assault, and age of the victim. Fighting the charges can be challenging, especially if you don’t understand criminal law. Hiring aggressive domestic violence attorneys in Colorado Springs to help you create a strong defense strategy would be in your best interest.


Stalking is a serious crime in Colorado and is a category of domestic violence. It can happen during a relationship or after it has ended. A person commits a stalking offense if they intentionally or knowingly engage in conduct directed toward the victim that would cause a reasonable person to:

  • Fear for their safety or that of their immediate family members
  • Fear physical injury or death to themselves or their immediate family members

Common stalking behaviors include:

  • Leaving unwanted gifts at the victim’s doorstep at work or home
  • Surveillance of the victim’s movements
  • Breaking or vandalizing the victim’s home
  • Watching the victim from a distance to track their movement or social activities
  • Destroying their property to scare them
  • Violation of visitation limitations
  • Making calls or leaving notes to harass the victim
  • Mailing cards or other cryptic messages

Financial or Material Abuse

You may have subjected your accuser to domestic violence without knowing it through financial or material abuse. Ignorance of the law is no defense, and it would help to understand what financial abuse looks like so that you know how to defend yourself if facing charges:

  • Fraud and scams
  • Theft of money or valuable possessions
  • Preventing your victim from accessing their own money or assets
  • Denying assistance to access benefits or manage financial affairs
  • Using undue pressure or threatening the victim in connection with loans, property, Will, or financial transactions

What Are the Penalties of Domestic Violence Upon Conviction?

The penalties for domestic violence charges are harsh and could adversely affect your ability to work and lead your life as usual. Imprisonment is a probable punishment, depending on the severity of the crime and your prior criminal record.

Your freedom and rights are at stake, so you should let skilled domestic violence lawyers in Colorado Springs help you fight the charges.

Battle Domestic Violence Charges With the Help of a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

Domestic violence is not limited to physical assault and encompasses controlling behaviors or emotional, sexual, and financial abuse. Colorado has strict domestic violence laws, and prosecutors pursue the cases vigorously. If facing charges for any of the above types of domestic violence, you need aggressive Colorado Springs domestic violence attorneys to defend you.

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