Almost anyone can be accused of domestic violence. If you are charged with a crime of domestic violence in or near the Colorado Springs area, you must be advised and represented – as quickly as possible – by Colorado Springs domestic violence attorney John Joyner at Joyner Law.

If you are charged with a domestic violence crime in Colorado, what will happen if the person who has accused you wants to have the charges dropped. Will the case be dismissed?

How Are Domestic Violence Charges Handled in Colorado?

Domestic violence crimes are considered serious crimes in this state. When a prosecutor in Colorado files a domestic violence charge and believes that a conviction is likely, the case will not be dropped or dismissed. In fact, the prosecutor is required to tell the court they cannot prove the case in order to drop a domestic violence charge.

A prosecutor will not drop a domestic violence charge in Colorado merely because a purported domestic violence victim no longer wants to proceed with the case. A prosecutor may even obtain a subpoena for a purported victim to compel that person to testify.

Do I Need an Aggressive, Effective Defense?

In a 2004 case, Crawford v. Washington, the U.S. Supreme Court held that some types of hearsay evidence might be admissible in some types of criminal cases and in some narrow circumstances. What does this ruling mean for a domestic violence case in Colorado?

If you were accused of domestic violence and the person who accused you made statements that incriminated you to a police officer, it is possible that the officer may be allowed to testify about those statements, even if the purported victim refuses to.

Moreover, in many domestic violence cases, a prosecutor will have corroborating evidence – medical records, eyewitness testimony, or physical evidence that violence took place – and the alleged victim’s testimony may not even be needed by the prosecutor to secure a conviction.

Can Attorney John Joyner Fight for Justice on My Behalf?

If you are charged with a crime of domestic violence in or near Colorado Springs, you are going to need a good defense attorney’s help. At Joyner Law, Colorado Springs domestic violence attorney John Joyner represents defendants who are charged with domestic violence crimes.

John Joyner has a passion for justice, and he has established a reputation for effective defense representation. He is a former Deputy District Attorney, so he knows criminal law from both sides of the courtroom. He puts his considerable legal background to work for every client.

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