John Joyner is a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney who provides his clients with an aggressive, proactive defense. He leaves nothing to chance while fighting for the best possible outcome for every client in every case.

When attorney John Joyner represents you on a misdemeanor charge, he explains your legal rights, how the law applies to your own case, and what the possible outcomes are. He will work with you to develop the most promising defense strategy.

If the evidence against you is conclusive, John Joyner may be able to negotiate an acceptable plea deal that reduces the charges and penalties you face. A misdemeanor conviction may not necessarily ruin your life, but you must have the counsel of an effective criminal defense lawyer.

What Should You Know About Misdemeanors?

Colorado categorizes misdemeanors into three classes. A conviction for most Class 1 misdemeanors may be penalized with 18 months in jail, but Class 1 misdemeanors classified as “extraordinary risk offenses” can send a convicted offender to jail for two years.

Offenders convicted of misdemeanors may be required to serve time in county jail but are not sent to prison. Nevertheless, a misdemeanor conviction can have negative long-term consequences, particularly when you seek employment and housing in the future.

Can A Colorado Misdemeanor Record Be Sealed?

In 2019, the Increased Eligibility for Criminal Record Sealing bill became law in Colorado. The law expedites and simplifies the record sealing process for many people who have misdemeanor convictions. However, convictions for domestic violence, DUI, and sex crimes cannot be sealed.

When an adult has a misdemeanor conviction record sealed in this state, the record still exists, but the general public – including landlords and most employers – will not be able to see it.

Police agencies, prosecutors, and agencies required by law to conduct criminal background checks before offering employment retain access to sealed records. Attorney John Joyner can determine if a misdemeanor record can be sealed. If it can, he will guide you through the process.

If you are taken into police custody and charged with any misdemeanor in or near Colorado Springs – or anywhere else in this state – immediately schedule your first legal consultation with Colorado Springs defense attorney John Joyner at Joyner Law by calling 719-548-4750.