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If you face charges in Colorado or have been arrested within El Paso County, the events of your life probably have you reeling as you search for next steps. Our Colorado Springs defense attorney understands that this is probably the most intimidating and stressful experience you may ever go through, and it is important to sit down and examine the situation as soon as possible.

Criminal conviction can follow you for life in Colorado, but a capable criminal defense lawyer can help you negotiate your case to possibly get your case dismissed, records sealed, or reduced charges. A favorable plea offer can exponentially ease the burden of hefty fines or repercussions, and can help restore your life to a sense of normalcy. These are a few areas of expertise where Joyner Law can help navigate your case and confront the El Paso County judicial system on your behalf to ensure all best practices have been addressed to give you the best chance for setting things right in your life.



Areas Of

Joyner Law is proud to serve Colorado Springs and El Paso County as a successful Criminal Defense Lawyer.

petty theft, misdemeanor or felony theft, shoplifting, burglary, fraud, bribery

possession, manufacturing or sale, marijuana crimes, minor in possession

assault, reckless endangerment, harassment, menacing

criminal mischief, assault, elder abuse, false imprisonment

DUI, DUI of drugs, Marijuana DUI, Reckless driving, careless driving (with or without resulting in injury), driving without a license, underage drunk driving, vehicular assault, vehicular homicide, vehicular eluding

Joyner Law
 Joyner Law is a Colorado Springs Legal Defense Firm Committed To Helping You

Attorney John Joyner has the experience and education in law to get results for his criminal defense clients. Awarded as one of the Top 40 Under 40, Joyner is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has a track record of success in winning victories for his clients.

If you or someone you know faces charges for any type of crime in El Paso County, it is crucial to find a defense lawyer who can fight on your behalf. It will be imperative that you hire a criminal defense attorney quickly in order to examine the criminal case and build the best defense for the best outcome.

Some criminal charges may seem less serious or comparatively small to other charges or arrests. However, it is important to realize that any criminal charge can have lifelong impact with resoundingly negative consequences. Joyner Law is a Colorado Springs criminal defense firm committed to helping reduce charges, get your criminal charges dropped, or receive minimal penalties—meaning there is a possibility you can walk away from your legal nightmare with no punishments and a clean slate.

Practice Areas

DUI Defense
​If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence call Joyner Law to get help from a Colorado DUI attorney.
Criminal Defense
Joyner Law can navigate your case to ensure best practices have been addressed to give you the best chance for setting things right in your life.
Traffic Violations
We will fight for the best possible outcome and most favorable ruling in your case. Contact us to speak to our Colorado Springs traffic ticket attorney.
Drug Crimes
Joyner Law provides dedicated legal defense for people charged with drug-related offenses in Colorado.
Domestic Violence
Joyner Law has experience handling domestic violence cases with the skills to provide legal representation.
Protection Orders
If you have a protection order served on you, you must fight it. Joyner Law can help.

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