Joyner Law has successfully defended clients against protection orders.

Joyner Law aggressively defends clients against protection order hearings in Colorado Springs. A Colorado civil protection order, sometimes referred to as a restraining order or no-contact order, protection orders may be issued due to allegations of assault or threats, domestic abuse, stalking, sexual assault, or abuse of the elderly or an at-risk person.

These orders can have serious consequences. They may show up on background checks for jobs and housing, and you may lose your right to own a firearm. If you are a member of the military, this can be a career-ender. This is why you must get an attorney on your side to defend your rights and protect your name.

In Colorado, a temporary protection order can be taken out against you without your knowledge through what is called an ‘ex parte’ hearing. This means that without your knowledge, your accuser can go into court and make allegations against you, and if the judge finds the allegations credible and that they amount to you posing an imminent danger to the accuser, the judge can order a temporary protection order preventing you from coming in contact with that person or going to their place of work or residence (even if that place is also yours).



If you have a protection order served on you, you must fight it. Joyner Law can help.

The next step in the process is called a permanent protection order hearing. A permanent protection order requires the person seeking it to prove preponderance of the evidence that the respondent has committed acts constituting grounds for issuance of a civil protection order and that unless restrained will continue to commit such acts or acts designed to intimidate or retaliate against the protected. Unlike the hearing for a temporary protection order, the restrained party has the right to appear and challenge the evidence against them.

If you have a protection order served on you, you must fight it. Failure to show up in court can result in the order being made permanent without you getting a chance to challenge the allegations against you. You may lose your ability to see your children or even return to your own home. Joyner Law has successfully defended clients against protection orders and can help you challenge your permanent protection order.

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If you have a protection order served on you, you must fight it. Joyner Law can help.

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