What Are the Penalties for Domestic Violence Offenders?

The law in Colorado frowns upon domestic violence offenders and imposes stiff penalties upon a conviction. You could serve four years in Colorado state prison for felony domestic violence or up to one year in jail and a fine of $2,000 for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

Your sentence also requires you to complete a domestic violence treatment program and evaluation. The Colorado Domestic Violence Offender Management Board oversees the creation of the treatment program., which you must complete. Talk to Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyers about what to expect in the program.

What is the Rehabilitation Program for Domestic Violence Offenders?

Colorado Springs domestic violence lawyers say that the Domestic Violence Treatment Program is a court-approved treatment plan that rehabilitates domestic violence offenders. The DVOMB outlines the standards and best practices that providers must follow in their Domestic Violence Evaluations, treatment plan reviews, group therapy, and individualized treatment plans.

Levels of the Treatment Program

The treatment program is divided into levels depending on the crime severity. The three groups, A, B, and C, determine the minimum amount of classes you must complete.

Level A

The category is for domestic violence offenders with a Domestic Violence Risk and Needs Assessment (DVRNA) score of zero or one, meaning their behavior has one or no risk factors attached. They also don’t demonstrate a pattern of ongoing abusive behavior. These are placed in less intensive treatment plans of weekly clinical sessions.

Level B

Offenders placed under this category have a DVRNA score of two to four, which indicates two to four risk factors associated with their behavior. These offenders are enrolled in moderate-intensity treatment, participating in weekly group clinical sessions and monthly clinical intervention sessions.

Under this classification, offenders have an established pattern of ongoing abusive behavior and may or may not have a pro-social support system. Some of them also have a past criminal or substance abuse record. The assessment may also reveal mental health issues. Domestic violence attorneys in Colorado Springs say that this group often has the most significant number of offenders.

Level C

The categorization is for offenders with a DVRNA score of five or more, which represents five or more risk factors. The offenders are considered to be at the highest risk of recidivism, and many have experienced financial instability, chronic unemployment, or lack of a pro-social support system. They’re also likely to have a criminal history.

If placed under this category after your evaluation, you’ll be required to attend two clinical contacts each week. Your providers will engage the maximum amount of resources for monitoring and treatment requirements.

What is the Purpose of Colorado’s Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Program?

The domestic violence offender treatment programs aim to encourage participants to become more aware of their decisions and to make conscious changes to how they respond to emotional situations.

The treatment plan includes:

  • Education about the cycle of domestic violence, awareness of the impact of violence on children and the community, patterns of childhood abuse, and intimidating relationship patterns
  • Lessons on anger control, stress management, impulse control, social skills, emotional control, and building healthy relationships

Who is Eligible for the Program?

The Colorado domestic violence rehabilitation program is a “one-size-fits-all” draconian program that mandates an evaluation of all offenders charged with or convicted of a domestic violence crime. The treatment is given under the standards of the DVOMB.

How Long is the Program?

Once you start the domestic violence treatment program, you will attend weekly or bi-weekly sessions that typically last an hour. The frequency of attendance depends on your treatment track level classification. The program continues until your provider and treatment team believe you have completed the required competencies and conditions outlined in the treatment plan.

In most cases, the program lasts a minimum of six months. The challenge with this condition is that it can be challenging to demonstrate acceptance and accountability for your behavior. “Facts” in police reports and witness statements are not always accurate, and if you deny the statements, the period of the program could be extended.

The cost is approximately $30 for each session. Given the figures, the cost can accumulate by the end of the program. So, you should aim to fight the domestic violence charges. Retaining skilled Colorado Springs domestic violence lawyers can enhance your chances of having the charges dropped or the case dismissed.

What if I Don’t Complete the Program?

Failure to complete your court-order domestic violence rehabilitation program subjects you to the legal consequences as determined by a judge. You could face increased sentencing time, more considerable fines, or immediate incarceration. If you repeatedly violate the orders, you will be at risk of more severe consequences, which depend on:

  • Your behavior during treatment
  • The time spent in treatment
  • Your criminal history
  • The frequency of violations
  • The specifics of the violation

Before dropping out of a rehabilitation program for domestic violence, talk to your Colorado Springs domestic violence attorneys. They can provide legal counsel to protect your rights and prevent you from getting more severe consequences.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Defending You Against Domestic Violence Charges

Being charged with or convicted of domestic violence in Colorado comes with severe consequences, and probation requires you to enroll in a rehabilitation program for which you must pay the associated fees. The best way to protect yourself from the burden is to avoid being an offender.

However, don’t suffer in silence if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Consult skilled criminal defense attorneys in Colorado Springs for legal guidance. They can defend you against the charges and fight for the most favorable outcome. Joyner Law hosts experienced domestic violence lawyers who can walk the journey with you. Call us at (719) 294-0566 or contact us online for a FREE strategy session.