How Can a DUI Affect My Career?

If you get arrested and charged with a DUI, you risk getting very severe penalties if you get convicted. The punishments include hefty fines, possible jail time, and driver’s license suspension. A conviction may also bring with it the requirement for alcohol counseling, alcohol use evaluation, and community service.

The consequences don’t end there, as a DUI conviction could adversely affect your career depending on a few factors. You can protect yourself from these extreme consequences by having a lawyer from a reputable Colorado criminal defense law firm represent you. They can fight aggressively to beat the charges.

Can I Be Fired for Getting a DUI?

A DUI conviction can profoundly affect your employment and create severe job stability challenges. It provides a legal basis for being fired, but the final decision lies with your employer. Your employer might evaluate the charge and compare it against your ability to continue doing your job after the conviction and decide to retain or dismiss you from your duties.

The legal basis for your employer firing you after getting a DUI conviction is that Colorado is an Employment-at-Will state. That means there is a written employment contract stating that neither an employer nor an employee must give notice of the reason for termination or resignation.

For many employers in Colorado, a DUI conviction is a criminal record and a primary reason they would terminate an employee’s contract. Before you get here, contact a skilled Colorado Springs DUI lawyer and let them defend you against the charges.

Will a Potential Employer Want to Know if I Have a DUI?

Not all employers will ask about past DUI charges and convictions, but the question may arise depending on the position you’re applying for. For example, this information is crucial for jobs that require a clean driving record.

However, no law in Colorado requires you to disclose your driving record to an employer. If you need to know if a potential employer requires this information, you could find out from the human resources department.

Some Jobs Are Off-Limits

While a past DUI conviction may not directly impact some job positions, you may not qualify for some positions if you have a past DUI conviction. It can preclude you from getting a job that involves:

  • Operating heavy machinery
  • Driving
  • Transportation

Besides, if an employer hires you with a past DUI record, their insurance rates will increase, the same way your personal auto insurance rates will go up. Sometimes, they may not be able to get insurance coverage at all if they hire you for a driving job. That means the employer would have no option but to fire you if they can’t get insurance coverage for you.

A DUI Conviction and Professional Licenses

If you hold a professional license, such as that for a nurse or lawyer, a DUI conviction can see the license revoked. Agencies governing professional licenses likely have policies and rules allowing them to suspend or revoke the professional licenses of holders convicted of a DUI, especially if the conviction is part of a pattern of poor behavior.

If you work in a profession that requires a professional license in Colorado, you may be required to report the conviction to the licensing body. If you have been applying for a job that requires a federal security clearance, the clearance might be denied or revoked. Besides, it will be hard to keep jobs that entail driving to meet clients in their businesses or homes.

What Is the Impact of a Deferred DUI Sentence on My Career?

A deferred sentence agreement is often a favorable outcome for most people undergoing a DUI trial. The successful completion of a deferred sentence results in no conviction and subsequent dismissal of the case.

In the case of a DUI, it means no points will be applied to your DMV record. You can then seal the record once the issue is closed. Consult an experienced DUI attorney in Colorado Springs on sealing a DUI record in Colorado Springs.

Nonetheless, remember that a deferred sentence includes an acknowledgment of guilt, which can deter your professional progress and growth even if the case resulted in no conviction. Some professional bodies and employers may view this as a conviction, denying you a job based on that fact. Talk to a DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs to evaluate your options.

What is the Consequence of a Felony DUI in Colorado?

A fourth or subsequent DUI conviction in Colorado is considered a felony, which you must report on job applications. Applications requiring a background check will also reveal the verdict, which could jeopardize your chances of getting employment in Colorado and elsewhere.

A felony DUI also increases your chances of being denied access to a firearm and enjoying other rights restricted for those with felony convictions. Consider getting the legal assistance of a skilled Colorado defense lawyer to fight the charges and have them reduced or dropped altogether. Working with a legal expert enhances the chance of protecting your rights and future.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting to Prevent a DUI from Impacting Your Future

The best way to protect yourself from the legal, social, and professional consequences of a DUI conviction is to avoid the charges in the first place. Unfortunately, sometimes you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law unintentionally. An experienced Colorado Springs DUI attorney can help you fight the charges to protect your rights, freedom, and future.

Our DUI attorney provides legal counsel and representation for clients facing DUI charges. We know mistakes happen, but we also believe you don’t have to be bound forever by those mistakes. Trust us to fight aggressively to protect you against a costly DUI conviction. Contact the Joyner Law firm at (719) 294-0566 for a personalized legal strategy.