While using marijuana is legal for adults under Colorado law, you must adhere to the legal rules. Use, possession, sale, and transfer of marijuana remain illegal under federal law. If you are charged with a violation of Colorado’s marijuana laws, reach out immediately to Colorado Springs marijuana attorney John Joyner at Joyner Law for the legal help you will need.

In Colorado, you must be at least 21 years old to purchase or possess marijuana. It is legal in this state for an adult to possess up to two ounces of marijuana “flower.” Marijuana may be purchased legally only at a licensed dispensary and with valid identification such as a driver’s license.

What Should You Know About Marijuana Laws in Colorado?

Smoking marijuana and driving is illegal and dangerous. It’s legally comparable to drinking and driving, and it entails the same penalties. Marijuana products purchased in Colorado must remain in Colorado. It’s a violation of state and federal law to ship or carry marijuana across a state line or to the airport.

Additionally, marijuana may not be used or even possessed on federal land inside the State of Colorado. Federal lands include national parks and monuments. Many of this state’s bike trails, hiking trails, and ski slopes are set on federal lands.

Colorado also makes it illegal to consume marijuana in public spaces, including music venues, streets, parks, and sports arenas. The only exception is for licensed hospitality businesses, which may provide patios or other outdoor settings for legal marijuana use.

What Are the Current Colorado Laws Governing Marijuana Possession?

If you possess more than two ounces of marijuana, or any amount if you are under 21, you may be charged with illegal possession. If convicted, you could be fined and or serve jail time:

Colorado law also limits how many marijuana plants someone may cultivate for personal use. A Colorado resident over the age of 21 may cultivate up to six plants at a time, three plants may be flowering at a time. Different municipalities and counties may impose stricter laws, so be sure to check your local rules. Marijuana plants must be maintained in locked, enclosed spaces not visible to the public. Marijuana grown for personal use may not be sold to anyone.

A number of additional laws govern the business of marijuana in Colorado and the licensing of dispensaries.

What Should I Do After Being Charged With a Marijuana Violation?

If you are charged with any marijuana violation, what steps should you take? Your first step is to contact Colorado Springs marijuana attorney John Joyner at Joyner Law – as quickly as possible.

If the evidence against you is conclusive in a marijuana case, attorney John Joyner may be able to negotiate a plea deal for a fine or community service. If the case against you is weak, he will fight aggressively to have the charge dropped by the prosecutor or dismissed by the court.

Marijuana possession cases in Colorado almost do not always go to trial, but if your own marijuana case goes to court, attorney John Joyner will cast doubt on the state’s evidence against you and explain to the jurors why they should find you NOT guilty.

If you are charged with any marijuana violation in or near Colorado Springs – or anywhere else in this state – immediately arrange your first meeting with Colorado Springs marijuana attorney John Joyner at Joyner Law by calling 719-548-4750